Gateway Extrusions is the foremost aluminum extruder in the St. Louis area. We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality custom aluminum extrusions. We also have a large catalog of standard dies, making many shapes available without a large die investment.

Our current extrusion presses are a 1880 ton 7 inch and a 2750 ton 9 inch press.

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Thermal Break


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Here at Gateway Extrusions we offer in house powder coating. We currently have a vertical paintline that allows us to paint metal in lengths up to 25ft.

We also offer Anodizing services through our connections to local companies in the greater St. Louis area.

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Gateway Extrusions offers many options when it comes to fabrication.

  • Precision Cut-to-length and Miter saws
  • 60 ton Verson Punch Press
  • Single-hit Punch Presses
  • Drill Press
  • Manual Mill
  • CNC Mill

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